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  • Tapa of Love – Tapa ō te ‘Inangaro

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    Ina is a Cook Islands heroine and superhero, famous throughout Oceania for her mighty deeds. In this story, Ina faces the biggest challenge of her life. Is it a human-eating giant? No. A tree-crushing cyclone? Kā‘ore. Then it must be an island-flooding tsunami? Not even close. Ina’s biggest challenge was a lot closer to home … and one that almost all of us can relate to.

    Find out in Tapa of Love – a Cook Islands legend retold by David Riley and translated into Cook Islands Māori by Mareta Tere.

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  • The Gifts of Pai and Vau by David Riley

    The Gifts of Pai and Vau

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    Pai and Vau are Nanumea superheroes who created beautiful things in our world. One day a stranger named Tefolaha came to their island. “This is now my island,” he declared and challenged them to a contest. What kind of contest did he dream up? What would Pai and Vau do if they lost? Find out in The Gifts of Pai and Vau, a Nanumea legend retold by David Riley, and translated into Nanumean by Siliga Tala.

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  • The Artist and the Whale

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    Mataginifale is a Niue superhero with a difference. She isn’t known for her super powers, but for her super creativity. One day she had an argument with a whale that tested her thinking skills too. Find out what happened in The Artist and the Whale, a Niue legend retold by David Riley and translated into Vagahau Niue by Elviso Togiamua.
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  • Who stole my taro

    Who stole my taro?

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    Taro is one of the most popular foods in Samoa. You can bake it and eat it with palusami. You can boil it and eat it with coconut cream. You can even fry it and make taro chips. But how did taro get to Samoa? Find out in Who stole my taro? – a Samoan legend retold by David Riley and translated into Samoan by Rasela Lafaele Uili.

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  • How Tonga Got its Name David Riley Reading Warrior

    How Tonga got its name

    $5.95$24.95 + GST

    A Tongan legend retold by David Riley and translated into Tongan by Julienne Faletau.

    Maui threw his line and hook into the ocean. He felt the hook catch onto something huge and heavy. “Wow, it’s beautiful!” Maui said. What amazing sight did Maui see in the ocean that day?

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  • Joy Cowley: Kiwi Storyteller

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    Joy Cowley is one of New Zealand’s most beloved writers. She’s written books for all ages and won lots of awards. But you wouldn’t have thought that could happen if you’d known Joy at primary school. That’s because she struggled with literacy as a child and couldn’t even read back then. A challenging family situation made life even harder for this future Kiwi legend.

    What helped Joy overcome these obstacles and become the icon she is today? Stories did.

    Find out how in Joy Cowley: Kiwi Storyteller.

    “I am amazed at the breadth and depth of the research. David shows a real understanding of the children he teaches. That makes me feel very happy about the book. David has it right. This is my life.” Joy Cowley.

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  • Dr Donna Rose Addis

    Dr Donna Rose Addis: Samoan Neuroscientist

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    Eight year old Donna comes home from school one day with a book so heavy, she can hardly lift it! “This book is so interesting,” she says to her mum and nanna. “It tells how people invented cool things. Maybe I’ll do something cool too one day.”
    Donna did grow up to do cool things. She’s the first Samoan neuroscientist in history. This pioneering Pasifikan uses her knowledge, creativity, and bravery to help solve problems in our world.

    Find out more
    in Dr Donna Rose Addis: Samoan Neuroscientist.

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  • Dr Tokilupe Taumoepeau

    Dr Tokilupe Taumoepeau: Tongan Trailblazer

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    Dr Tokilupe Taumoepeau made history when she became New Zealand’s first female vascular surgeon. This trailblazing Tongan is helping bust open doors in health and medicine for young people with Pacific heritage … including her own family!

    Find out more in Dr Tokilupe Taumoepeau: Tongan Trailblazer
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  • Kamelia Lino Zarka Wahine Toa by David Riley

    Kamelia Lino Zarka: History-Making Pilot

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    Kamelia Lino Zarka tracks Kamelia’s journey from the Kingdom of Tonga, to the skies of Hawaii. You’ll read how she made history by becoming the first Tongan female to captain a commercial airline. And you’ll be inspired to see how her daughters are following in her high achieving footsteps. The sky is no limit for this Tongan family!
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  • Lisa Carrington Wahine Toa by David Riley

    Lisa Carrington: Olympic Champion

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    Lisa Carrington tells the story of how a girl from Ōhope, Whakatane, became one of the most dominant athletes in the world. You’ll find out how Lisa made history as the first Maori to win an Olympic gold medal. You’ll learn how to use challenges in your own life as motivation. And you’ll discover that no matter where you come from, it’s okay to dream big!
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  • Stacey Waaka Wahine Toa by David Riley

    Stacey Waaka: World Champion Rugby Player

    $4.95$24.95 + GST

    Stacey Waaka follows Stacey’s journey from Ruatoki to the rugby stadiums of the world. Read about some of the many challenges she’s been through, including a terrifying bus crash, and how she overcame them. Find out how her faith, family, friends, coaches, teachers and culture have guided and powered her to aim high in life.
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  • Pasifika Coastwatchers by David Riley

    Pasifika Coastwatchers

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    On Sunday 7 December 1941, Japanese fighter planes attacked American ships in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Britain declared war on Japan.
    And the Pasifika Coastwatchers leaped into action!
    Their job was to report the movements of Japanese aircraft, ships and submarines. If they were caught they were beaten, imprisoned and sometimes executed. But without these brave men, women and children, the Pacific war may have been lost. This is their story.
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  • Stephen Curry by David Riley

    Stephen Curry

    $4.95$29.85 + GST

    “Too skinny.”

    “Too small.”

    “Too weak.”

    Basketball experts have said these things about Stephen Curry all his life. And yet he’s an All Star, an MVP and an NBA champion. How did he do it? Find out how in Reading All Stars: Stephen Curry.

    Award winning writer and teacher David Riley wrote Stephen Curry to encourage young people to chase their dreams, even when the world tells them not to.

    Available as an Audiobook as well. Just click on “Choose an option” below to order.

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  • Pasifika Heroes set

    Pasifika Heroes Collection

    $24.95$149.75 + GST

    Five fantastic Pasifika Heroes books come together in this very special collection:

    • Cook Islands Heroes
    • Niue Heroes
    • Samoan Heroes
    • Tokelau Heroes
    • Tongan Heroes

    That’s more than 150 inspirational stories of Pasifikans from legend, history and today. Award-winning artists Michel Mulipola, Munro Te Whata and Moses Viliamu help bring the stories to life. This is a collection that will bring families together and inspire the next generation of Pasifika heroes!

  • Awakeri

    $4.95$24.95 + GST

    Awakeri is a wetland area of boardwalks, green spaces, and waterways in Takaanini, South Auckland.

    Children of Kauri Flats School, right next to Awakeri, have created a book about the wetlands. Working with teacher-writer, David Riley, the young people share stories and art celebrating their very own natural reserve.

    “Put your hand in the water and feel it flow right through your hand.” (Saanvi)

    “Our grandchildren attend the school and one of them, wrote a piece for the book. We have come to visit from the UK and are very impressed by what is taking place at this site. I will pass on the information about the project to others visiting NZ who might like to see it. Biodiversity net gain is now a very big issue for U.K. developers, with 10% net gain about to be made compulsory under the Environment Act 2021. Many thanks, Brian.

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  • Believe, Become, Inspire

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    Students from Kedgley Intermediate worked with teacher-author David Riley to tell stories of the inspirational alumni who have attended their school. Believe, Become, Inspire features profiles of Auckland’s mayor, Phil Goff, former Black Ferns captain, Fiao’o Fa’amausili, rugby league legend, Jason Taumalolo, as well as business people, artists, activists and lots more achievers who got their start at the famous South Auckland school.


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