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  • Coconut Delight

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Some of the sweetest fruits in the world grow in Niue.
    There’s fua futi (bananas), fua mago (mangoes) and fua loku (pawpaw).
    But niu (coconut) might be the most important of them all.

    How did the niu get to Niue? Find out how in Coconut Delight, a bilingual legend from the Rock!

  • Niue Stands Alone

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Have you ever done something so embarrassing you just wanted to hide? Fao and Huanaki know how that feels.
    They once did something embarrassing too. But they found a way to turn it into something good.
    Find out how in Niue Stands Alone, a bilingual legend from the Rock!

  • The Artist and the Whale

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Mataginifale is a Niue superhero with a difference. She isn’t known for her super powers, but for her super creativity. One day she had an argument with a whale that tested her thinking skills too. Find out what happened in The Artist and the Whale, a Niue legend retold by David Riley and translated into Vagahau Niue by Elviso Togiamua.
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  • Ko Au Ko e Tama Niue

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    I can’t wait to go back to Niue and learn more about my culture and my people.’ (Abigail Ikiua)

    Fourteen Niue young people worked with teacher-writer David Riley, to bring you this book – Ko Au Ko e Tama Niue. The stories they’ve written demonstrate their immense pride in being Niue. You’ll read about a beloved ancestor, swimming in Niue, fishing with Grandpa, how to make a kahoa, and their love for their language, dance and culture! Come and share the beauty of Niue culture with them. Oue tulou!



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  • Niue Heroes

    Niue Heroes

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    Niue Heroes tells the inspirational stories of achievers who have Niuean ancestry. It includes legends like Laufoli, Mataginifale and Maui; historical figures such as Sir Robert Rex and Peniamina; and contemporary heroes like Che Fu and Dr Colin Tukuitoga. The book is written to inspire young Niueans, to encourage reading and promote literacy.
    The book is illustrated by Niuean-Maori artist, Munro Te Whata.

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