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  • Bryan Williams by David Riley

    Bryan Williams: Pacific Pioneer

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Bryan Williams – Pacific Pioneer is the inspirational story of one of the first great Pasifikan All Blacks.  Bryan beat his opponents with speed, sidestepping or sometimes just by running over the top of them!  He inspired future generations of Pasifikan All Blacks, like Michael Jones and Jonah Lomu. But Bryan and his All Blacks teammates did something even greater off the field. Something more important than rugby. Something that helped change a whole country.

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  • Freestyle: The Israel Adesanya Story

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Boom! Tick! Boom-tick! Boom! Tick! Boom-tick-tick!

    Three men dressed in camo gear emerge through a tunnel into Marvel Arena. They’re dance friends of Israel Adesanya. Israel joins them. They huddle-lock arms-bounce-bounce-split! Boom! Tick! Boom-tick! It’s the biggest moment of Israel’s life …

    Freestyle: The Israel Adesanya Story is the inspirational story of Israel Adesanya’s journey from Nigeria to New Zealand to UFC stadiums around the world.

    But it’s more than a martial arts fighter story.

    It’s about the power of our imaginations. The need to back ourselves. The joy that comes from going for it!

    Come and find out how. Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s … tiiiiiiiiime!
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  • On Your Side – The Ibrahim Omer Story

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    “Kia ora and salaam alaikum. My name is Ibrahim Omer … I stand here today in front of you bursting with pride as a Kiwi who loves Aotearoa New Zealand.”

    As a child Ibrahim Omer dreamed of being a leader and helping people. Many years later his dream came true … but in the most thrilling, emotional and unexpected way … and in a place thousands of kilometers away from where he grew up!

    Find out how it happened in On Your Side: The Omer Ibrahim Story.

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  • Strike Hard – The Michaela Blyde Story

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    It’s Saturday 31 July 2021, and Michaela Blyde is in Tokyo Stadium with her Black Ferns Sevens teammates. They’re playing against France for the Olympic gold medal!
    “Remember, it’s just a game of rugby,” Michaela reminds herself. “All I have to do is work hard, tackle hard, strike hard!”

    Will Michaela and the Black Ferns win gold for New Zealand? Twenty minutes from now, we’ll know …

    Strike Hard is the inspiring story of the Black Ferns Sevens’ speedster and try-scoring machine, Michaela Blyde. Learn how Michaela grew up to become one of the best women’s rugby players in the world … and how hard work and determination can help you achieve greatness too!

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    Strike Hard
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  • Fanene Peter Maivia by David Riley

    Fanene Peter Maivia – O le Atali’i o Samoa

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Fānene Peter Maivia – O le Atali’i o Samoa, o se tala ofoofogia e fa’atatau i se ali’i Polenisia na avea ma tama ta’uta’ua i le fa’āgatama o le pi’i fa’apolōfesa. O le olaga o Fānene na amata mai i Samoa, ma na ia fa’alauiloa le igoa o Samoa i le lalolagi e ala i le ta’aloga o le pī’iga. O ia o se ulua’i tagata ta’alo iloga na taula’i iai moemitiga ma fa’anaunauga o isi tagata ta’alo i lea lava ta’aloga o le pi’i, e pei o le atali’i o si ona afafine, o Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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  • Reading Legends

    Fanene Peter Maivia – Son of Samoa

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Fanene Peter Maivia – Son of Samoa is the remarkable story of the first Polynesian to become a star of professional wrestling. Fanene’s life began in Samoa and he took Samoa to the world. He was a pioneer who inspired some of the greatest wrestlers the world has known, including his own grandson, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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  • Yvette Williams by David Riley

    Yvette Williams – Leaping into History

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Yvette Williams represented New Zealand in the discus, hurdles, javelin, shot put and basketball. Some people think she’s the best Kiwi athlete ever. But Yvette is most famous for a 6.24 meter long jump she made in 1952. That’s when she became the first Kiwi woman to win an Olympic gold medal. How did she do it? By aiming high and working hard that’s how. Come on, let’s find out more about Yvette Williams’ leap into history!

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