Freestyle: The Israel Adesanya Story

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Boom! Tick! Boom-tick! Boom! Tick! Boom-tick-tick!

Three men dressed in camo gear emerge through a tunnel into Marvel Arena. They’re dance friends of Israel Adesanya. Israel joins them. They huddle-lock arms-bounce-bounce-split! Boom! Tick! Boom-tick! It’s the biggest moment of Israel’s life …

Freestyle: The Israel Adesanya Story is the inspirational story of Israel Adesanya’s journey from Nigeria to New Zealand to UFC stadiums around the world.

But it’s more than a martial arts fighter story.

It’s about the power of our imaginations. The need to back ourselves. The joy that comes from going for it!

Come and find out how. Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s … tiiiiiiiiime!
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Paperback 9781991162243

eBook (PDF) 9781991162250

40 pages, 210mm x 280mm

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