Presentation: Know your akonga (students)

Intended audience: teachers


  • 1 hour – teachers’ presentation.
  • 2 hours – teachers’ presentation plus time for teachers to apply learning to their own programs.

Technology: projector, screen, sound

This presentation shares practical ideas for teachers to help students feel like they belong in school and in the classroom. We’ll discuss why it’s important to really know our students and all that entails. We’ll look at practical examples of how teachers can apply this knowledge.

“The events were a real success and that owed a great deal to the quality and authenticity of your presentations. You certainly got a pretty deep emotional response from everyone.” Richard Watkinson. Evaluation Associates.

“I loved David – he was wonderful. Being NZ Maori I could connect and understand what he spoke about. We need more Davids – especially our tamariki.”

“An inspiring talk. Came away wanting to delve deeper into students, question and observe, allow students to build on their own strengths in concert with traditional learning. Also reminded me of the power of story.”

“A completely different aspect of diversity and how to embrace and ready all groups. Especially great to have the focus on boys and literature.”

NZ Literacy Conference attendees 2017