Reading Skills

Workshop: Being Better Readers

Intended audience: Years 5 – 8


  • 1 half day – workshop with students and teacher deep dive.
  • 3 half days – a series over time working with the same teachers / literacy leaders OR three different groups within a school.

Technology: projector, screen, sound
Description: This workshop uses engaging material to help students learn and practice strategies that will make them better readers. The workshop is explicit about how to teach and support students to practice reading skills. Teachers are encouraged to involve themselves fully in the workshop as learners and to attend the post teacher deep dive.

Reading skills learned include:

  • Reading brain warm ups
  • Comprehension capable
  • Unstucking ourselves
  • Wrapping up and retaining

“I really enjoyed your reading workshop – it gave me lots of ideas on engaging boys in reading particularly. I have shared with a number of teachers who have been excited with the material. I think your books are particularly relevant for using sport as a context for reading. Thanks again for such good sessions – I felt privileged to be part of them.”
Mal Thompson. Education Support Services. University of Otago
Mal Thompson.
Education Support Services. University of Otago