Workshop: Story and Character

Intended audience: Years 6 -13

Duration: To suit school

Technology: chromebooks/iPads for students if needed


This workshop takes students through fun, creative activities to help them create compelling characters and stories filled with action and drama. Students will learn a classic story structure and apply it to a story of their own. They will learn ways to increase the stakes and push their characters to the limit.

Writing skills learned include:

  • Brain and body warm ups
  • Know your style
  • Compelling characters
  • Simple story structure
  • Increase the drama
  • Defy logic

“Our students just love everything you do and therefore so do the teachers.” Zona Whyte. Lynfield College

“I enjoyed learning the skill of using the newspaper into making a whole interesting story.”

“It was fun making our own stories and plays because ours was funny and relatable.”

“It was very interesting to know an easier way to learn how to write creatively.”