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  • Stacey Waaka Wahine Toa by David Riley

    Stacey Waaka: World Champion Rugby Player

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Whāia te ara i takahia e Stacey, mai i Ruātoki ki ngā atamira whutupōro o te ao. Pānuihia ngā kōrero
    mō ētahi o ngā maunga teitei kua kakehia e ia. Kitea mai i pēhea rā tōna whakapono, tōna whānau,
    ōna hoa, ōna kaiwhakaako, ōna pouako me tōna ahurea i ārahi i a ia kia whāia te iti kahurangi i tōna

    Stacey Waaka follows Stacey’s journey from Ruatoki to the rugby stadiums of the world. Read about some of the many challenges she’s been through, including a terrifying bus crash, and how she overcame them. Find out how her faith, family, friends, coaches, teachers and culture have guided and powered her to aim high in life.

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    Stacey Waaka
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  • E Kamata i te Mulipapa

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Ko Fa’aitu kua fia fano lele oi fagota ma na taulelea i moana. Ko na magō, na feke, na tafolā … kae ko ia e hē mataku lele ai. I Tokelau, e iei lava te taimi e fetaui mo na mea uma. Ko te taimi hako nei tenei o Fa’aitu?

    Faaitu can’t wait to go fishing with the men in the open ocean. Sharks, octopus, whales … he’s not afraid of them! But in Tokelau there’s a right time for everything. Will this be Faaitu’s time?




  • Ko te Fagatuaga Hili ia i te Lalolagi

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Ko Mala ko he tino makeke i te fagatua, nae nofo i Fakaofo. Kae ko na tino o te fenua nae faikino ki ei. I te tahi aho, na hula ake ai he matuā magō. E mafai nei e Mala oi laveaki mai te nuku, i ana muna fagatua?

    Mala is a great wrestler who lived in Fakaofo. But the people of the village are mean to him. One day a giant shark turns up. Can Mala save the village with his wrestling skills?

  • Ko te Vaka Pito Haohaoa i Nukunonu

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    I na tauhaga uma lava, e fai ai te tukugā vaka fakapitoa i Nukunonu. Ko Maleko e fofou ke fau e ia he vaka, ke fano i te tukuga tenei. Kae ko tana uō ia Tovia, e fofou ke alo e ia te vaka. Ei nā mua nei to la vaka?

    Every year a special canoe race was held in Nukunonu. Maleko wants to build a canoe to enter the race. His friend Tovio wants to row the canoe. Will they win?

  • Malū i Loto o te Afā

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    1 Fepuali, 1990. 8.30afiafi. Fakaaliga Fakapitoa o te Tau. Ko te Afā ko Ofa, kua agai atu nei ki luga o Tokelau.
    e ā nei tā na tino ka fai? E fakahao nei vehea ki latou?

    1 February, 1990. 8.30pm. Special Weather Bulletin. Cyclone Ofa is travelling towards Tokelau.
    What will the people do? How will they survive?

  • Ni Toa Mai Fakaofo

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    E vehea ona kavea koe ma toa mai Fakaofo? E hau te taimi, ka maua ai e Frank te tali o te fehili!

    What does it take to be a winner from Fakaofo? Frank is going to find out!

  • Pasifika Coastwatchers by David Riley

    Pasifika Coastwatchers

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    On Sunday 7 December 1941, Japanese fighter planes attacked American ships in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Britain declared war on Japan.
    And the Pasifika Coastwatchers leaped into action!
    Their job was to report the movements of Japanese aircraft, ships and submarines. If they were caught they were beaten, imprisoned and sometimes executed. But without these brave men, women and children, the Pacific war may have been lost. This is their story.
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  • Stephen Curry by David Riley

    Stephen Curry

    $9.95$19.95 + GST

    “Too skinny.”

    “Too small.”

    “Too weak.”

    Basketball experts have said these things about Stephen Curry all his life. And yet he’s an All Star, an MVP and an NBA champion. How did he do it? Find out how in Reading All Stars: Stephen Curry.

    Award winning writer and teacher David Riley wrote Stephen Curry to encourage young people to chase their dreams, even when the world tells them not to.

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  • Bryan Williams by David Riley

    Bryan Williams: Pacific Pioneer

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Bryan Williams – Pacific Pioneer is the inspirational story of one of the first great Pasifikan All Blacks.  Bryan beat his opponents with speed, sidestepping or sometimes just by running over the top of them!  He inspired future generations of Pasifikan All Blacks, like Michael Jones and Jonah Lomu. But Bryan and his All Blacks teammates did something even greater off the field. Something more important than rugby. Something that helped change a whole country.

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  • Tokelau Heroes book by David Riley

    Tokelau Heroes

    $14.95$29.95 + GST

    Tokelau Heroes tells the inspirational stories of achievers who have Tokelauan ancestry. It includes legends like Hina, Kalokalo-o-te-la and Moa; historical figures such as Foua Toloa, Ihaia Puka and Nua Mamoe; and contemporary heroes like Fuli Pereira-Evans, Iaheto Ah Hi and Opetaia Foa’i. The book is written to inspire young Tokelauans, to encourage reading and promote literacy. The book is illustrated by Tokelauan-Samoan artist, Mose Viliamu. Tokelau Heroes is the fifth book in the Pasifika Heroes series. It follows We Are the Rock (Niuean), Samoan Heroes, Tongan Heroes and Cook Islands Heroes.

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    Tokelau Heroes
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  • Reading All Stars Nathan Nukunuku by David Riley

    Nathan Nukunuku

    $9.95$19.95 + GST

    Reading All Stars: Nathan Nukunuku tells the incredible story of one of the most successful softballers the world has ever seen. Award winning writer and teacher David Riley wrote Nathan Nukunuku to show young people that the road to achievement has many obstacles. But you will get there with determination and passion.

    eBook: $9.95 +GST
    Paperback: $19.95 +GST

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  • Roman Reigns Reading All Stars by David Riley

    Roman Reigns

    $9.95$19.95 + GST

    Reading All Stars: Roman Reigns tells the inspirational story of one man’s struggle to find success in life, while at the same time battling cancer. Award winning writer and teacher David Riley wrote Roman Reigns to inspire young people to believe in themselves … and to keep going, “even when life throws you a curveball.” (Roman Reigns)

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    Roman Reigns
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  • Read to Succeed by David Riley

    Reading Skills Workbook

    $49.95 + GST

    “Your Reading Skills Workbook is SO good. My boys are loving it.”

    Mel McRandle. Chairperson: Hawke’s Bay English Teachers’ Association. HOD English Hastings Boys’ High School. 

    Read to Succeed is a workbook designed to help young people improve their reading comprehension skills and confidence … using rugby as the hook! For this one off price you get one copy of the 142 page workbook and may photocopy the activities in it as many times as you like.

    It includes:

    • pre-reading ideas to warm up before reading
    • during-reading strategies that develop comprehension
    • post-reading activities to help retain and synthesize information
    • differentiated levels
    • over 150 ready to use exercises!

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    Praise for Read to Succeed

    ‘Wow! Absolutely amazing.’
    Sheena Cameron.  The Writing Book

    ‘An excellent resource!’
    Aaron Wilson.
    Woolf Fisher Research Centre

    ‘I have seen many resources made for my subject but this is absolutely fantastic in presenting the necessary skills a young person should have, and interweaving them into the rugby topic. I work primarily with ESOL students, many of whom are rugby mad, and also Maori and Pasifika students who are not experiencing success in their mainstream English classes. This resource will be so beneficial to them, I can’t wait to use it. Very cleverly done, the students will not even realise they are learning the skills that are so important and necessary to them with all the scaffolding and interesting tasks they have to do!’
    Shirley Rowe.
    New Plymouth Boys’ High School

    ‘Gob smacking. Brilliant job.’
    Robin Holding
    Takapuna Grammar School

    ‘Very engaging resources.’
    Neale Pitches.
    CSI Literacy and Lift Education


  • Strike Hard – The Michaela Blyde Story

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    It’s Saturday 31 July 2021, and Michaela Blyde is in Tokyo Stadium with her Black Ferns Sevens teammates. They’re playing against France for the Olympic gold medal!
    “Remember, it’s just a game of rugby,” Michaela reminds herself. “All I have to do is work hard, tackle hard, strike hard!”

    Will Michaela and the Black Ferns win gold for New Zealand? Twenty minutes from now, we’ll know …

    Strike Hard is the inspiring story of the Black Ferns Sevens’ speedster and try-scoring machine, Michaela Blyde. Learn how Michaela grew up to become one of the best women’s rugby players in the world … and how hard work and determination can help you achieve greatness too!

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    Strike Hard
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  • Fanene Peter Maivia by David Riley

    Fanene Peter Maivia – O le Atali’i o Samoa

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Fānene Peter Maivia – O le Atali’i o Samoa, o se tala ofoofogia e fa’atatau i se ali’i Polenisia na avea ma tama ta’uta’ua i le fa’āgatama o le pi’i fa’apolōfesa. O le olaga o Fānene na amata mai i Samoa, ma na ia fa’alauiloa le igoa o Samoa i le lalolagi e ala i le ta’aloga o le pī’iga. O ia o se ulua’i tagata ta’alo iloga na taula’i iai moemitiga ma fa’anaunauga o isi tagata ta’alo i lea lava ta’aloga o le pi’i, e pei o le atali’i o si ona afafine, o Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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  • Reading Legends

    Fanene Peter Maivia – Son of Samoa

    $9.95$24.95 + GST

    Fanene Peter Maivia – Son of Samoa is the remarkable story of the first Polynesian to become a star of professional wrestling. Fanene’s life began in Samoa and he took Samoa to the world. He was a pioneer who inspired some of the greatest wrestlers the world has known, including his own grandson, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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