SBW and the Childrens’ Book Awards

Just found out that my book Off Loading with Sonny Bill Williams made the longlist for the LIANZA Childrens Book Awards. That’s pretty cool!

I enjoy speaking about SBW with students, showing them how he loves to read, carries exercise books around so he can take notes at training and believes digital literacy is as important as being able to tackle hard, off-load and score tries on a football field!

I think his attitude to life is awesome too – he’s a risk taker, constantly willing to try new things to get better, even if he fails and even if people criticize him. Like all of us, SBW is not perfect, but he does have a lot of good qualities we can share with young people.

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  1. Annette McKitrick
    | Reply

    Well done David for making the longlist for the LIANZA Childrens Book Awards. ‘Off Loading with SBW’ is an excellent book, well researched and popular with our Intermediate age students.

    • David Riley
      | Reply

      Thank you Annette it’s so encouraging to hear that!

  2. Ben Oge
    | Reply

    Fantastic – great result. Well done – keep up the great work uso!

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