Ākina – Go Hard!

I’ve spent the last two days in Napier and Hastings encouraging young people to believe in themselves and find out who they are  through reading. Finished at Hastings Boys’ High School whose motto is Ākina. This motto was given to them by local iwi and is a call to paddlers who may be losing energy when paddling a waka. A leader will call “Ākina!” meaning “Keep going!”, “Go hard!” What an awesome motto for a school and so fitting with my message to the boys to go hard with reading and see how it can change their lives.

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  1. Susan Hosokawa
    | Reply

    Hi David,
    It was so great to have you here at Hastings Boys. Your challenge to read one book a week is still going with a couple of our students.
    Thank you so much for inspiring our lads to read.

    • Reading Warrior
      | Reply

      Thank you Susan, that’s cool to hear. I’ve got the books ready for them as well, just trying to get the champ’s signature 🙂

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