Rotuma ‘Otou Hanuạ Pumue

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Gou fakmaniȧk gou le’ Rotumet ‘e Niu Sirgi! I’m proud to be a Rotuman in New Zealand!  (Evana Samisoni)

Nine Rotuman young people worked with teacher-writer David Riley, to bring you this book – Rotuma ‘Otou Hanu Pumue.

The stories they’ve written demonstrate their immense pride in being Rotuman. You’ll read about a beloved grandmother and her tefui, a first trip to Rotuma, gardening with Dad, how to make fekei, and their love for their language, dance, culture and stories!

Come and share the beauty of Rotuman culture with them.


Paperback 978-1-991079-17-6
eBook (PDF) 978-1-991079-18-3
42 pages
190mm x 250mm




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