Steppin’ with Benji Marshall

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Steppin’ with Benji Marshall is published by Reading Warrior. Reading Warrior creates resources that help students learn about their own cultures, strengthen their literacy and inspire them with stories of positive role models and achievers.

Steppin’ with Benji Marshall is the inspirational story of how a young Kiwi boy from a small town, stepped through the many challenges life threw his way to become one of the best rugby league players in the world! The book aims to inspire young people to achieve their dreams no matter what struggles they may face.


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Hardcover, 80 pages, 236mm x 158mm
ISBN 978-0-473-32946-4


Review on the KidsBooksNZ blog:

6 reviews for Steppin’ with Benji Marshall

  1. Kimberley Atkinson (Roberston Rd School)

    “The book is a HUGE hit!!!! Keep writing – a whole series would be awesome!”

  2. Jennifer Cunningham (East Tamaki School)

    “It has surpassed my expectations. It’s fabulous! The kids are going to absolutely love it, and hopefully carry it’s inspirational message away with them. Thank you so much for writing such high-interest, relevant books. Please keep them coming!”

  3. Louisa Hala (ASDA High School)

    “It is absolutely fantastic and can be used for my boys. They will be thrilled. “

  4. Melissa (an Auckland mum)

    “This is the first “real” book my son has ever read without having to be nagged to read! I am looking forward to reading it myself – but may have to wait until my partner also reads it since there are daily reviews from his son about the book.”

  5. Reading Warrior

    “The boys here liked the Benji Marshall book so much so they nicked it!”
    Katreece Lewis. Kaitao Middle School

  6. Reading Warrior

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