What did we just see?! The White Guitar

I recently took a class of Year 12 Drama students to see The Conch theatre company’s new show called The White Guitar. Wow! Speechless! One of those plays that after watching you just want to sit and reflect on for a while.


The play tells the story of the Luafutu family. That’s the family of the rapper, Scribe. It’s a really moving story that looks at themes such as culture, migration, racism, family and abuse.

One of the unique things about the play is that the actual family members tell and perform the story – Scribe, his brother Matthias and their father, John. The show had many of my students in tears. They related to the struggles this family endured.


One of my favourite parts of the play is when Scribe talks about how the Christchurch earthquake changed him. He says that before the earthquake, hip hop was everything to him. But losing a loved one in the earthquake made him realise that family, “warts and all”, is the most important thing in his life.


I really love the shows that Conch theatre company make. They are full of imagery and sound and lighting effects that reinforce the actors’ honest and moving performances. If you can, please go see the show, you will love it.

Find out more about Conch theatre company by clicking on the logo below.



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