Always Be Brave

It was inspiring attending the Schools Trash to Fashion show at Mangere Arts Centre last week. The creativity of the designers was amazing. Better still is the thought that materials thought of as ‘junk’ and valueless could be transformed and reused as wonderful pieces of art. There’s a future thought about how we sometimes regard people who may seem ‘valueless’ too.


In this post I wanted to talk about the bravery of the young people who modeled the pieces of art. Very few of them are trained models and you could tell by the way they shook as they trudged nervously up the catwalk in front of families, friends, teachers and judges. I admire their bravery. My daughter was one of them and it made me so proud to see her do that.

Much respect to the All Black coaches who also made some brave moves recently.


I’m proud of their decision to pick Lima Sopoaga to start at the most important position on the field, first five, in probably the hardest place in the world to win a rugby test – Ellis Park, South Africa. That was a brave call and Lima showed a lot of potential in the game. Near the end of the game the All Blacks turned down a penalty to draw the game and instead went for a try to win it. Another moment of bravery that was rewarded with victory.

Fatu and Clicks

On August 11th, my Level 2 Drama class will perform a children’s theatre show called “Fatu and Clicks” at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau. It’s a moment of bravery for us to take a show away from our school hall and present it in such a venue to children from around Auckland. I’m thankful for the examples of bravery we see all around us every day that inspire us to be brave when it’s our turn to be challenged.


What moments of bravery have you seen or experienced recently?

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