Pacific stories on stage: Fatu and Clicks

A real highlight this week was watching my year 12 Drama class perform a children’s theatre show, Fatu and Clicks at the Vodafone Event Centre in Manukau. The play is based on a story from my book Samoan Heroes. Here are some images from the show.


Excited children waiting for the show to begin at Vodafone Event Centre


Iti (Taumata Wiki Te Oi) challenges the Witches (Laryia Lomitusi and Regina Milovale)


The witches turn Iti into stone.


Iti’s sister Fatu (Fa’ava Tuigamala) promises Iti she will free him.


The silly brothers (Thor Pokotai, Lawrance Laulenese, Freedom Pahulu, Roimata Uea, Kolo Kaufusitua) and their 3 mean aunties (Sisilia Fakalata, Sione Polutele, Danielle Vaevaepare).


Clicks the crab (puppeteer: Kolo Kaufusitua)


The story was narrated by the Sea characters (Rita Siaea and Michelle Ellis).


Dad (Sagele Harrison) tries to explain to his sons where the sun goes, why the sky turns blue then black, and why the tide comes in and goes out.


“Has anyone seen Clicks the crab?”


Clicks saves the day.


What an amazing opportunity for these students to perform in a professional theatre, something we’ll never forget and hopefully do more of. Pacific stories on stage.

Check out Samoan Heroes if you’re interested in reading the story of Fatu and Clicks and other Samoan legends.

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