He Moana Kirikā – Ocean Fever

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Nana, why are pāua shells so colourful?’

‘Dad, why do kina have spiky shells?’

‘Uncle, how come starfish can’t walk?’


Have your children ever asked you tricky questions like that? Well don’t worry whānau – Manurewa West School has the answers!

He Moana Kirikā will tell you why kina shells are so spiky, why stingrays fly in the water and where Tangaroa got all his friends from.

It’s a book of origin stories written by children, for children. The book is written in Māori and English and features art by children too.

Read He Moana Kirikā today, be the family expert tomorrow!

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Paperback 9781991167699

eBook (PDF) 9781991188427

62 pages

210mm x 280mm




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