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  1. Joe
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    Good stuff David keep it up bro do you have any links to the book so I can share it on my facebook keep going bro !

  2. shanz1
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    I am currently doing a paper on Children’s Literature and my assignment (due to be submitted in less than 2hrs but not completed yet 🙁 ) is about NZ literature. I have to do 1 non-fiction review, well I chose your book Steppin’ with Benji Marshall. I am so pleased to find some awesome books aimed at getting boys interested in reading. I am a single Mother of 4 (3 young boysand a baby girl) and though the 2 older ones are above their years for reading I still worry as they get older they won’t be as interested. Anyways my 10yr old is a rugby freak and also league so I will definitely be looking at finding this book for him to read. So keep up the great work, now I must get back to my assignment!!!

  3. David Riley
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    Hey Shanz all the best for your assignment and the huge job of raising 4 kids on your own, much alofa and respect to you. Thank you for commenting and I hope my books are useful for you and your children. God bless Shanz

  4. Erica
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    Hi David, I read the article about your book in the NZ Herald. As the mother of three sporty boys (13,11 and 9) I am grateful that someone out there is adding something new to the range of books available to them. My 9 year old has a football (soccer) obsession and I have just read him The Flea, by Michael Part (life story of Leo Messi for kids). He was captivated and I was so happy as I haven’t found anything before that has held his attention in such a way. Maybe you could do a book on Winston Reid??? Thanks again. PS My 11 year old would probably enjoy your latest book. What is the age range it is aimed at?

  5. David Riley
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    Hi Erica thank you for making contact and for the encouragement. I definitely am planning to do a book on Winston Reid. His achievement is amazing but not really acknowledged much in New Zealand. My latest book is aimed at 12-16 year olds but a good 11 year old reader might enjoy it too. Thanks again Erica and all the best as you raise your sporty boys 🙂

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