Mayhem & Miracles

It’s NZ Music Month and X Factor grand final time so this week I want to honour a Samoan hero who has achieved international success and broke a ceiling for Pacific hiphop. The artist? Demetrius Savelio, better known as Savage.

Get Wild 1

What I love the most about Savage’s story is how he overcame a tough beginning to find a dream and pursue it. We often come to know achievers in their best moments, and that can be intimidating. But when we have a chance to hear their life stories we discover that achievers are ordinary people, just like us. They face challenges like we all do … and they don’t always make the right choices. But one thing they do is persevere.

Get Wild 3

You’ll be amazed to hear some of the things Savage has been through in his life, including homelessness, expulsion from school and trouble with the police. “Mayhem is my past, where I came from,” Savage explains, “and music, which changed my life, is the miracle … things I never thought I’d accomplish.”

I’m so glad that the book Samoan Heroes documents his and other achievers’ stories because they are truly inspirational.

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