The All Stars Are Coming

It’s All-Star weekend in the NBA, a time when the best players come together for events that celebrate the game of basketball.  This year’s celebrations are taking place in Toronto, Canada.


One Toronto bank has gone out of its way to make the basketball players welcome. The Bank of Montreal installed a gigantic 10 foot ATM. A sign on the machine reads, “The NBA All-Stars Are Coming.”


Our students are “All Stars” and they’re coming!  Coming with all their eccentricities and uniqueness and difference.

Do we see the unique things about the young people in front of us as negatives, annoying things that hinder learning? Or maybe do we ignore differences and pretend they don’t exist and treat everyone as if they’re the same?


It might seem easier to force students to be the way we want them to be, to fit our way of thinking instead of celebrating who they are and adapting our programs to their strengths.

But I reckon that if we treat our students like All Stars … they’ll probably act like All Stars.

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