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  1. Lisa
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    Great work again David- our son Fin who is 12 is really enjoying it!! You are doing a wonderful thing for many people! You need to make sure you let the NZRL know about this. I will too!!! Cheers Lisa

  2. Melissa Graham
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    I think this book was cool!
    I thought it was interesting because it tells what he does where he is from. I never knew Benji had a foster Dad and he never knew his real Dad. Wow! His mother was only 16. It must have been tough looking after Benji. It would have changed his life when he went to Australia when he was just 17 to play touch football. I learnt that Benji doesn’t just play for the money but he really enjoys footy and his family support him all the way. Terry Rigby – Auckland – Aged 12.

    • David Riley
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      Thanks Terry. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and learned some new things about Benji that you didn’t know before. I’m excited that he’s coming back to play in New Zealand next year 🙂

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