Samoan Heroes #15: Troy Polamalu

Regular Season

Troy Polamalu is a two time Superbowl champion and one of the best NFL players in history. But as a child it seemed he was destined for jail rather than fame. Troy’s oldest brother Kaio, was a good athlete. But he got into a lot of trouble with the police and was in and out of jail. His three sisters were involved with gangs too. By the age of eight, Troy was beginning to copy his older siblings – breaking into houses and stealing from shops. You can find out what happened next in my new book on Samoan Achievers …

Friends and family will you help me publish this book on Samoan achievers for young people? The campaign ends on Saturday and we’re nearly there. If you’d like to help please go to https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/2650-samoan-heroes-book or donate to this account 12-3436-0072113-50. Malo faafetai

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