Teach with Shaun Johnson

Hey guys lots of schools like to do a “Who Am I?” theme during term one. Here’s a couple of newspaper articles about New Zealand Warriors rugby league player Shaun Johnson on that theme that you could share with your staff.

Not many young people would know that Shaun’s mum is Laotian. She escaped Laos when she was younger. Shaun and his family recently went to Laos for the first time and Shaun spoke about how it impacted him and inspired him to want to learn to speak Lao 🙂

The articles were in the last two Herald on Sunday papers. You can find them online here:



​A documentary about Shaun’s family trip to Laos screens on Sky Sport 2 tonight at 8.30pm It’s called Shaun Johnson: Across the Mekong.​

​A funny aside: the NRL recently did a survey to find out who the most popular ​players are to female fans. Shaun Johnson is ranked 7th out of all NRL players and Warriors captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 9th. Source:


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