You Become Like the People You Hang Around


Went to the Storylines Festival at Vodafone Event Centre on Saturday. It was awesome to be around some of the legends of childrens’ writing in Aotearoa: Gavin Bishop, Jennifer Beck, David Hill and others. It really struck me how humble and generous the writers were.

Have you read Remember that November by Jennifer Beck? That’s one of my favourite Aotearoa childrens’ books. It tells the story of Parihaka with a modern connection.


David Hill is a prolific writer of novels for young people, including See Ya Simon and Journey to Tangiwai. This is David with my wife Debbie who volunteered as a helper at the festival.


I really believe in the saying “you become like the people you hang around with”. I aspire to be a full time writer for young people one day and it felt good being around these writers, even if just for a little while on Saturday. Maybe one day I’ll be an invited author at Storylines. That would be pretty cool!

“Go. Make something. We need it.” [Seth Godin]




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