“Write it and they will come.”

I was interviewed on Newstalk ZB this morning. The topic was ‘boys and reading’. Leighton Smith wanted to know if boys are put off reading because there are too many females in publishing, writing and awards panels! Glad I didn’t take that bite man!

I think the reason many boys are put off reading is just because they haven’t come across things to read that really grab their attention and interest. I believe that boys will read if they find something interesting and cool to read – that’s it, nice and simple. 

You know that saying, “build it and they will come” ? Well with boys and reading it’s “write it and they will come.” What do you think?

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  1. TStark
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    Definitely agree with you there bro. Guys can read the sports section of the NZ Herald for days and sprout sports stats and facts showing that they have retained the information. I think maybe 1-2% of guys know the Male/Female ratios behind the Publishing scenes

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